Every time I talk about future of bikes with people in the café there´s always someone that like and others who dislike E-bikes. I have designed both and the new offers I receive to design new vehicles are all electric. So I must think that people feel that batteries will beat gas. Well I´ve decide to see E-bikes in action. First conclusion: they run, but not for much time…

I have gone to Albacete this afternoon, where the final race of the TTXGP has taken place. There were not many bikes, about ten, and most of them were basically DIY. Well, now it’s clear, there is still a very long way to evolve this bikes into real racing machines. But this it’s not a negative thing, anyway, instead it’s a beautiful challenge for people interested in technology.

Well, I thing most of you know about the MotoCzysz, probably the most serious project currently, and other like the Brammo. Unfortunately they were not here. Anyway the AGNI team was here and it seems that wearing a new powerful engine.

Bikes were strictly developed from and standard R street bikes, Suzuki, KTM, Cagiva Mito… the two first bikes have been doing same times, passing one to the other depending on the part of the racetrack they where running on. I thing there was a better rider with a worst but lighter bike and a worst pilot with a powerfull and heavier bike.

At the end the powerfull bike has won (with a really heavy pilot).

The technology shown by the different motorcycles it´s basically the same. Double Agni motor , 1 or 2 air cooled controllers and a commercial bodywork. There is not a bike designed for this race.

In conclusion: Only 9 laps, low but delicious noise and good speeds (1′ 43´´) Lap in my watch. Not bad.

If you want to know more follow this link:


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