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LaMoto2: a Center Hub Steering bike making history!

lamoto2 Center Hub Steering Beltrance Alternative suspension

When we started the project we knew we could do something good, but not that good! Thanks to a lot of well known professionals that have joined this projects just for the passion they feel about motorcycles, forgetting completely about the money. and of course thanks to all the readers and followers of LA MOTO magazine for their support and ideas. Last week we raced in Navarra with a discreet 22 position. We’re not going to win this season but we’re proving that we can do an alternative bike with exactly the same feeling that a common motorcycle. When the weather became 10 degrees colder, the bike became 1 second faster. Our next step is improving the radiator. We hope that will bring our bike in the middle of the qualification.

Next race Algarve, Portugal  2-11-2014

Thanks again and see you there!

A weekend at Silverstone. (World SuperBikes Championship)

As I told you in the latest short posts I’ve been to the Silverstone racetrack to enjoy a wonderful races weekend. We had barely complete access to the Honda team box and we could also see the other teams’ boxes. I’ve met journalist of other countries and so I have learnt a bit more about this great job.

I arrived to the airport and a chauffeur in a black E class Mercedes was waiting for me, nice beginning…

After some traffic jam we arrived to the paddock and then to the Honda-Castrol hospitality, our headquarters.

Unfortunately Xaus wasn’t there, his back is still bad. Too bad to fly from Spain. In other hand Jonathan Rea, also injured, was there to answer our question about the team and the bikes. We meet also Alex Lowes (Rea substitute) and Fabrizio Lai (substitute of Xaus substitute (Karl Muggeridge). Karl Had a bicycle crash. Really a bad year for TenKate Castrol Honda Team. Well, continuing with this luck, also Lowes hits the ground and breaks it first bike.

But obviously the best won. Checa won! 2 of 2 races, great!

And the BMWs finished next. Why is the Superbikes dominated by European bikes? That’s a difficult question to answer…

The Ducati is a completely different bike, 2 cilynders and rear one sided swingarm, and the only one with tubular frame. Here the work of the performance engineers it’s really important but also the base bike must have an amazing performance to reach to a good level. Think I love more about the races was the equilibrium between the bikes. No big difference makes these races quite interesting to see.

I think WSBK have a new follower…

Far from the chauffeur, the amazing Spa Hotel , the food and that insignificant staff, I went to get the most info I could about the bikes. I took thousand of pictures of rear suspensions and swing arms and I’ll try to apply all that information in LAMOTO2. Don’t miss it!

La Moto2: Hub-Centre-Steering front suspension System 1 (Demonstener-Difazio)

Happy new year dear Readers!!

The project Lamoto2 it’s going really well.
We’ve been thinking about publishing it worldwide with the help of www.thekneeslider.com even if this can make the project too much big for our human resources. However I think we’ll do it because it’s a great chance to meet people interested in this kind of projects.
I’ve done the first proposals while we’re waiting for the readers designs. Readers are really interested and they are mainly giving their opinions and some of them are proposing their ideas.

FIRST SYSTEM it´s called D-D (Demonstener-Difazio)

It exploit the best of both systems. It has a double swing arm single-sided or a double swingarm on both sides. It uses a commercial Vyrus rim and it’s really light an efficient.
irst you can see is the headstock, it´s placed inside the hub. It´s a preliminary design so doesn´t matter too much how is it made. The headstock it’s a part of the system that DOESN’T TURN.
There we have the Hub. It turns with the steering. It has big bearing with small section and so a reasonable weight.
The hub wears also the supports of the callipers. We must still calculate if the headstock allows the loads they produce.
 The direction come from a bended plate that works mainly in shear mode so it´s strength enough to hold the efforts.
 Over the wheel we must continue with a telescopic cylinder that can carry the steering effort with a compass or with a grooved shaft.

 The most elegant solution it’s the Cannondale steering system with needle bearings.

 The swingarms can be one-sided or both sided depending of the stress analysis results. We’ll choose the one with better performance.

Read also System 2! 

And off couse visit www.lamoto2.es