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LaMoto2: a Center Hub Steering bike making history!

lamoto2 Center Hub Steering Beltrance Alternative suspension

When we started the project we knew we could do something good, but not that good! Thanks to a lot of well known professionals that have joined this projects just for the passion they feel about motorcycles, forgetting completely about the money. and of course thanks to all the readers and followers of LA MOTO magazine for their support and ideas. Last week we raced in Navarra with a discreet 22 position. We’re not going to win this season but we’re proving that we can do an alternative bike with exactly the same feeling that a common motorcycle. When the weather became 10 degrees colder, the bike became 1 second faster. Our next step is improving the radiator. We hope that will bring our bike in the middle of the qualification.

Next race Algarve, Portugal  2-11-2014

Thanks again and see you there!

Lamoto2 is alive!

After 3 years of hard work and almost no writing in the blog the NewConceptsCafe opens again!
This is the reason why we were closed in the garage:


After 2 attempts we’re finally racing tomorrow!
CEV Repsol. Spanish Moto2 championship.
Is not longer a concept or an idea. LAMOTO2 IS ALIVE!!
First alternative center hub steering joining this class.

This is the next step after the Demonstener D1200R, who knows what’s next!

The Moto2 center hub steering chassis is ready to assembly



I’m really glad to reopen the CAFÉ!

It has been closed for so long because we were working inside not because we didn’t want to open…

After a lot of ours without sleeping working we’re back! And this two wheeled dream is becoming true… We’ve got the chasis!

Thanks to Rafael Ávila and his team at RAV RIDERS that have built it.

Here you can see a pair of my mobile pictures (obviously I don’t have an Iphone :-) )

If you are connected to www.lamoto2.es FTP you can download the new 3d files with the full bike. The password is www.lamoto2.es



I’ve started a discussion in www.lamoto2.es about the changes in the Vyrus MOTO2 and how its design it’s coming closer to our.

What do you think about this?

This is the new steering column.


And this one is the previous design:



I wolud like to know your opinion. We know that of course our Center Hub Steering is the best, but the others can also try ;-)

Remember that you are always wellcome to the NewConceptsCafé!



The last Center Hub Steering MOTO2 3D ready for download

 Hi everyone!

The last release of the Center Hub Steering MOTO2 3D (iges) is online!
To get it you  must register in www.lamoto2.es, download filezilla or other FTP client.


Password: hoya.cadu

Be carefull if Filezilla tries to set a port number. The port box must be clear.

Go to  archivos3D/moto24_09_11.zip

And you got it!

Please keep sharing your designs and ideas!

Beltrance’s first bodywork proposal for the Center-Hub-Steering MOTO2

center hub steering moto2 beltrance

Hi everyone!

As you probably know our Center Hub Steering Moto2 project continues. We’re closing the mechanical design and so we have to started with the bodywork design.

I’ve made the first 3D proposal but as it is an open design project everybody can send designs and people will choice. It’s just I quick draft that I’ll improve if there are no more ideas coming. Do you like it? Too heavy looking? Too complex?

At the moment there is only another design. What do you think about it?

If you’re interested in designing the bodywork for our race bike you can send me your ideas to info@beltrance.com and I’ll publish them in www.lamoto2.es

I think that is a great opportunity to design something that is going to be built and that is going to have a lot of repercussion. Or simply because it’s a great pleasure to see your design running really fast! Please don’t worry if you don’t draw well or don’t know about 3D, we will help you with your design as much as we can.

And remember that you can also help with the mechanical design and the calculus.

Here there is a pic to use as underlay.

And now let’s have a strong coffee and let’s work!