A weekend at Silverstone. (World SuperBikes Championship)

As I told you in the latest short posts I’ve been to the Silverstone racetrack to enjoy a wonderful races weekend. We had barely complete access to the Honda team box and we could also see the other teams’ boxes. I’ve met journalist of other countries and so I have learnt a bit more about this great job.

I arrived to the airport and a chauffeur in a black E class Mercedes was waiting for me, nice beginning…

After some traffic jam we arrived to the paddock and then to the Honda-Castrol hospitality, our headquarters.

Unfortunately Xaus wasn’t there, his back is still bad. Too bad to fly from Spain. In other hand Jonathan Rea, also injured, was there to answer our question about the team and the bikes. We meet also Alex Lowes (Rea substitute) and Fabrizio Lai (substitute of Xaus substitute (Karl Muggeridge). Karl Had a bicycle crash. Really a bad year for TenKate Castrol Honda Team. Well, continuing with this luck, also Lowes hits the ground and breaks it first bike.

But obviously the best won. Checa won! 2 of 2 races, great!

And the BMWs finished next. Why is the Superbikes dominated by European bikes? That’s a difficult question to answer…

The Ducati is a completely different bike, 2 cilynders and rear one sided swingarm, and the only one with tubular frame. Here the work of the performance engineers it’s really important but also the base bike must have an amazing performance to reach to a good level. Think I love more about the races was the equilibrium between the bikes. No big difference makes these races quite interesting to see.

I think WSBK have a new follower…

Far from the chauffeur, the amazing Spa Hotel , the food and that insignificant staff, I went to get the most info I could about the bikes. I took thousand of pictures of rear suspensions and swing arms and I’ll try to apply all that information in LAMOTO2. Don’t miss it!

Bad Luck for Castrol Oil Pilots

Lowes and Fabrizio are both out after several crashes.

But Checa it’s now first :-)

From Silverstone Covering the Word SuperBikes Championship

Thanks to Castrol Oils and LA MOTO Magazine!

Pics and More info during this week, now I’ll enjoy the races…

Last flight of the Atlantis. And now what?

After several years making us dream, we wake up into the reality…


Ariane 5 (Astra 1N Mission) delayed

Last nigth the Astra 1N mission failed so we closed early the NewConceptsCafe. One Valve of the Ariane 5 was the problem. We will have to wait about 20 days to see the launch.
Here is the press release of ArianeSpace and at the end of it you can find a very interesting link about the mission:

Mission Update

Ariane 5’s launch is postponed approximately 20 days for a component change-out

July 2, 2011 – Ariane Flight VA203

Arianespace’s Ariane 5 mission with the ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3c/JCSAT-110R satellite will be delayed to allow a valve replacement for the launcher’s cryogenic core stage, which follows an anomaly that interrupted the final countdown yesterday in French Guiana.

To replace this valve – which did not function properly – Ariane 5 will be transferred from the Spaceport’s ELA-3 launch zone back to the Final Assembly Building.

Arianespace estimates that the valve’s replacement, along with the associated operations, will require approximately 20 days, with a new launch date to be announced shortly.

During the current operations, the Ariane 5 and its two satellite payloads are being maintained in fully safe conditions.

See the official Arianespace launch kit for further details on this mission.

Will keep updating about one of our passions as it is the space race
And what happens with LAMOTO2 Soon you’ll have interesting releases…