The last Center Hub Steering MOTO2 3D ready for download

 Hi everyone!

The last release of the Center Hub Steering MOTO2 3D (iges) is online!
To get it you  must register in, download filezilla or other FTP client.

Password: hoya.cadu

Be carefull if Filezilla tries to set a port number. The port box must be clear.

Go to  archivos3D/

And you got it!

Please keep sharing your designs and ideas!

Beltrance’s first bodywork proposal for the Center-Hub-Steering MOTO2

center hub steering moto2 beltrance

Hi everyone!

As you probably know our Center Hub Steering Moto2 project continues. We’re closing the mechanical design and so we have to started with the bodywork design.

I’ve made the first 3D proposal but as it is an open design project everybody can send designs and people will choice. It’s just I quick draft that I’ll improve if there are no more ideas coming. Do you like it? Too heavy looking? Too complex?

At the moment there is only another design. What do you think about it?

If you’re interested in designing the bodywork for our race bike you can send me your ideas to and I’ll publish them in

I think that is a great opportunity to design something that is going to be built and that is going to have a lot of repercussion. Or simply because it’s a great pleasure to see your design running really fast! Please don’t worry if you don’t draw well or don’t know about 3D, we will help you with your design as much as we can.

And remember that you can also help with the mechanical design and the calculus.

Here there is a pic to use as underlay.

And now let’s have a strong coffee and let’s work!

The new RAD02 Corsa Evo by Radical Ducati &

Some time ago Pepo Rosell, owner of Radical Ducati, told me that he was working in a beautiful new bike. And here it is, the new RAD02 Corsa Evo where you can find the carbon fiber solo seat that I designed and modelled in clay for him. Now it’s retouched to fill some slight bumps and looks really streamlined. I hope you like this bike and remember that you can buy the seat that can be used in some of the standard Ducati models. And of course you can also buy the bike if you like it! You can see the rest of the pictures in Radical Ducati Blog.
I’ve also found a new video about the RAD02 Corsa Evo PURSANG. Enjoy it!


New attempt to win the Sikorsky Prize, the Gamera Human Powered Helicopter


Unfortunately I’m back from holydays, back to satellites and back to bikes! Even if I love the work I do, I prefer travelling and having a good time with my friends and my girl. Well, I’m human…

But after this short summer I’ve got a lot of things to do and some interesting news.
And talking about humans… Here’s a new human powered helicopter to beat the Sikorsky prize. One of my favourites challenges. The approach to the project it’s far from the idea I have to beat it, but it’s obviously good because it’s a new world record. If you work on the hover that offers the ground effect you won’t take off over 3 meters tall as the prize claims. But anyway I think that these guys have taken a good way just by attempting it. If they continue developing this helicopter they will reach a difficult record to beat.

You can read more here, in the article I’ve found in Gizmag.

Don’t miss the previous article about human powered helicopters and other vehicles.

At this moment we have no time and no money to attempt to win this prize but we’re working in other interesting prize that you’ll know soon!

Now motorbikes and e-bikes are the main focus of our work.

Don’t miss the latest pictures in of our Center Hub Steering Moto2 and please share your ideas.

Here is the official web of the project

Enjoy your coffee!

The first Centre Hub Steering Moto2 it’s on the racetrack and it’s not our bike!

The new Vyrus MOTO2 with Centre Hub Steering it’s on the racetrack and it seems that couls be the surprise for the next year.

Do you think it will race the next year Moto2 worl championship? Do you think it can win races? Watch this videos and please send your opinions, as you can imagine they are very important for us in this case.

The only thing I can say in this moment it’s that looks as a master piece of engineering.