No Bump-Steering LAMOTO2 Center Hub Steering Solution

LA MOTO2 PROJECT suspension 1 from Beltrance on Vimeo.

As you probably had noticed, if you used to come to this café, it has been closed for a while. We’ve been really busy with the LAMOTO2 project and with other projects that unfortunately are paused (hope that not stopped)
Here in Spain you can read monthly about our progress but not abroad. So I wanted to show at least a part of what we’re doing.
First of all this little video.
Take a seat and enjoy our delicious coffee!

I have prepared a mini video to show the idea of the system that carries our moto2. In yellow you can see the vertical arm. The thick lines is the part and then up thinner line the real steering axis. The pink line is the top of the steering column of the system, which looks like a fork. When the system compresses the top is “folded”. Therefore there is a ball joint in the joint, to absorb this inclination. Initially the diference is 2 degrees, not zero on purpose. To ensure that the “fold ” goes forward and not backward. At the end it arrives to 7 degrees of tilt for a compression of 120mm. These 7 degrees is absorbed by the green piece that goes in the front of the bike (this is why is a plate) plate that flexes the 7 degrees but kept intact the steer stiffness, work in shear effort. Another thing you see is that the center of the wheel follows almost the same path as a 12 degrees fork. Thus the pilot feel much like a conventional bike and trust the bike from the start.

Center Hub Steering LAMOTO2

With this trick, the mechanism, that is an evolution from the patent of the D1200R Demonstener solve the problem of getting a direct steering to the Hub Center Steering System. In this case applied to a system derived from the Difazio. This was one of the desired conditions in the project (no Bump-Steering). If you look you will see that history is an evolution of our prehistoric V2R StreetDumper

Center Hub Steering LAMOTO2 Detail

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