BEST OF BIKES it´s probably passion they produce. So when you´re working on a project with other people you can feel it. It´s a mix of adrenaline, knowledge and friendship. People don´t hide what they know, they prefer watching their ideas running fast.

So please take a seat in the Café, a hot coffee and spend a few time with us reading an investigating about this beautiful world…

Last weekend I´ve been in the Motostudent championship at Motorland. I have cooperated as clay modeller in the gas tank of the Sevilla team (the design was made by my friend Óscar Rodríguez) and I have also helped as an external consulter. It was a great group and it has been a pleasure spending time with them. They put some stickers of on the bike, So surprisingly we became sponsor! Thanks a lot!

Oscar Rodriguez y Carlos Beltran with clay model

It was a project made by students but they were really good engineers and so the bike became one of the 6 finalists. The bike was basically a standard race bike with tubular well triangled frame and with a custom made Carbon fibre subchassis.

Chassis motostudent Sevilla

The competition is not properly a race. Teams must do a complete industrial project with a standard and not very good GASGAS 2 strokes 125cc engine.

There were 3 main prizes:

  • Better design won by University of Zaragoza.
  • Most innovating project won by the Carlos III University
  • Better project, won by The Navarra University. 

The most interesting bike was the Politecnico di Torino motorcycle, from Italy. It was made by in aluminium muse foam core panel with some parts machined and completely bonded. A piece of avant-garde technology. The bike was amazing but they didn´t fit the rules because mounted an inverted front fork and not the one they must. The engine sounded too smooth, so probably was modified. Any way the bike was incredible.

Motostudent Polito

The Carlos III University of Madrid bike was the best Spanish bike. With a Hossack front suspension with the shock-absorber placed horizontally over the engine and a rear suspension placed in the bottom of the bike. Well thought concept. In fact they are probably the best bike developers in Spain now. I hope I will cooperate with them in the future. The bike was made by students. They made 30 final degree projects about behaviour, suspensions, chassis, marketing… great job.

Motostudent Moto Maqlab Universidad Carlos III Madrid

The other remarkable bike was made by the university where I studied, the UMH. They follow the same concept we did in the Demonstener D1200R, Alternative suspension and NO WELDING. It was a complete meccano. One of the students was Tony Foale´s son, so as you can imagine was a radical concept. If you don´t know nothing about Foale you must follow this link.

motostudent UMHmotostudent UMH 2motostudent UMH 3

The last one is this beauty and not so well thought Buell inspired bike by the UPC. I let you find the faults it has.

motostudent UPC

I´ll post soon a tutorial of clay modelling based on the Sevilla University gas tank. A simple part made in about a week (only evenings) from concept to part.

And in a pair of weeks I´ll show you the building of a seat post for a Ducati based concept I´ve been working on. because the launch is coming soon.

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