KA-SAT satellite emitting in KA-Band

Sometimes, after closing the NewConceptsCafé, I like to go to the mountain, far away from the city, under the dark sky, and enjoy looking though a friend’s telescope that he built on his own. I have seen the moon, binary stars and transits across Jupiter. It’s amazing how things change when you change your point of view.

A month ago I started working on the development of a new satellite in EADS CASA ESPACIO. My team is focused on the design of the antennas. As you can imagine I’m learning a lot of new things. It’s a complete new world f or me and a pretty challenge.

This week has appear in ‘EL PAIS’ newspaper an article about the new KA-SAT, it´s a very interesting solution for people of the interior of Spain among other things. I didn’t know that there were parts of Spain without ADSL. So the satellite is thought to bring access to all the people that still live in 56Kbps century.

In fact, the KA-SAT is the first satellite operating exclusively in Ka-band frequencies EADS ASTRIUM has done. It will help to increase the Europe and Mediterranean broadband possibilities.

Here you can see a Ka-Band feeder cluster:

Ordered by Eutelsat from EADS Astrium, KA-SAT is scheduled for launch between November 2010 and January 2011. Entirely innovative in design, the satellite will be configured with over 80 spotbeams, with a network of eight ground stations connecting to the Internet backbone.

The KA-SAT programme is to deliver efficient resources for the mass-market delivery of the Tooway™ consumer broadband service, targeted at users across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin located beyond range of ADSL networks. With a throughput of over 70 Gigabits per second, KA-SAT will be capable of serving over one million users who expect bandwidth and prices comparable to ADSL2 performance.

Eutelsat will also drive the development of satellite-based consumer broadband services with triple-play capability, by combining broadband services in the Ka-band, through KA-SAT, with the reception of TV channels in the Ku-band. In order to facilitate the availability of high-performance triple-play equipment at competitive prices, Eutelsat will deploy the KA-SAT satellite to 9° East. This deployment will simplify production of dual-feed antennas transmitting and receiving broadband services in the Ka-band from 9° East, and receiving television in the Ku-band from Eutelsat’s flagship HOT BIRD™ neighbourhood at 13° East.



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  • November 5, 2010 - 3:14 pm | Permalink

    I heard that the launch of the spaceshuttle is canceled again today? Does anybody know when the Discovery wil make it’s last flight? Is there already a new date?

    • Carlos Beltrán
      November 13, 2010 - 11:52 pm | Permalink

      Hi Ashley!

      As you can see in the NASA schedule, the launch will (probably) be on November the 30th.

      For me it´s a shame to see how that shuttles go to museums… when will the next generation come??

      Best regards!

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