Electric and Human Powered Aircrafts

This morning I was having breakfast with my coordinator when he gave me the EADS magazine, called FORUM. It was full of interesting news. Well, I don’t like to advertise any company but this paper was really interesting…

 Continuing with electric vehicles, I want to talk about the CRI-CRI (not a beautiful name) The CRI-CRI is the first-ever four-engined all-electric aerobatic plane, and it flights! This minimal plane reaches 110 km\h among other incredible performances.

 Here is the original post.

 Take a look also to this: Electric planes (Wikipedia)

 But if you keep amazed by an electric aircraft maybe you don’t know about Human Powered Vehicles… There are planes that flight just pedalling. Like my loved Daedalus made by the MIT. And there are also attempts to human powered helicopters… and I prize if you can do it, the SIKORSKY PRIZE. Well, I must confess that one of my dreams and one scope of this web is to create a community interested in winning this prize. I’ve got a pair of good ideas… but I need a lot of help!

 There have been some good attempts but no one has beaten it.

 I recommend you read this article from Wikipedia about human powered aircrafts. If you follow the links and investigate a bit surely you’ll be amazed.

 Here are some links and papers:



  Human Powered Helicopters Wikipedia


 Popsci.com (paper and video)

 If you get bored this weekend:   a DIY project (I recommend you to subscribe this podcast. (Amazing!!)


 http://www.endlessflyers.com/StephaneroussonUK.html (web and video)

 Well, you’ll need a strong coffee to assimilate all this information, but please never stop innovating!

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