Astra 1N Launch tonight

Hi everybody! 

Tonight at the NewConceptsCafé…

 We remind you that tonight will be launched the ASTRA 1N satellite from French Guiana with an Ariane 5. You can follow live online using the link below: 

The launch window begins at 11:43 PM tonight.

If you have never seen a launch I think i’ts quite interesting.
If everithing goes well, the Astrium-built Astra 1N will be soon  operating with more than 50 active Ku-band transponders. It has a takeoff mass of 5,300 kilograms and the electrical power produced by its solar panels is 13 Kw. over its lifetime of 15 years. The satellite also has the participation of CASA Espacio, namely the FSA’s have been provided. 

The Ariane 5 also has the usual elements provided by CASA Espacio as the Payload adapter.

Via EADS CASA (Communication Department).

More info:

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